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Kadeton Audio Co.,LTD., founded in 1995,is a leading manufacturer of high quality cabinet for HI-END/HIFI speaker. We are the leader in making speaker cabinet with high gloss ,eight-layers piano lacquered finish and real wood veneer finish in China. Backed by various kind of equipment and highly experienced , skilled engineers and employee, we manufacture our own designed/developed as well as OEM speaker boxes on a worldwide basis in our own factory. Our production capability is around 2000 pairs of high gloss lacquered cabinet and/or real wood veneered cabinets.


We currently have a manufacturing facility of around 20,000 square meters ,employ about 400 people. Our engineers could design cabinet for customer or coorporate with customer to design the cabinet! We have various kind of machines for cutting,lamination, pressing ,drilling, sanding, polishing, painting,etc. We have established wide range of contact with vendors to supply us with various kind of materials to meet customers` requirement .We have been making speaker cabinets for most reputed brand in speaker industry around the world.
  Kadeton Audio Co., LTD